L Shaped Bunk Beds – Safety Tips

Bunk Bed comes in different shapes and sizes, and it is every child’s dream to sleep on a bunk bed. The l shaped bunk beds are the best option if the room is small and if two kids need to share the same room. With these beds, you can save a lot of space and also they are comfortable to sleep in as they come in a lot of different colors and cool designs.

Small rooms can easily accommodate bunk bed so that two or more people can sleep in one room. Also, bunk beds cost you less than buying two single beds. However, these beds have negative facet too. According to the reports, every year around 400 kids getting injured due to the  l shaped bunk bed. Most of these accidents are happening due to poor designs of the bunk bed or wrong models or structure. That is why it is important to follow safety tips to avoid such injuries. Here you can find some tips that can help you purchase the right bed for the safety of your children.

L-shaped bunk beds safety tips:

The significance of mandatory standards: The most crucial safety advice is that always buy a l shaped bunk bed that it meets the standards of the industry. The standard must cover all facets, including design and construction, particularly they should concentrate on the spaces and sizes of gaps, as the little kids put their heads, legs, and arms in the gaps, which can cause injuries. In case, the gap is too small then there are more chances of little children’s body parts can get caught and cause injury. Make sure to purchase the bed that has the label showing that it meets the mandatory standards.

Also, when you are assembling the bed, make sure to read all the instructions provided in the manual before you assemble the parts. If you have done a poor job, then it can cost you more, the chances of your kid getting injuries are more if you haven’t’ done the job properly. Follow each instruction and make sure that all parts are fixed and glued or nailed properly.

The importance of ladder and guardrails: Most parents take it light to put guardrails or ladder on the bed. But, the guardrails should be fixed all sides of the upper bunk, which protects the child from falling off the bed when he/she roll over on the bed while sleeping. Don’t use the wall as a guard as it can cause more injuries to the child if they get trapped between the bed and the wall.

Also, you should get kid-friendly ladders for the l shaped bunk bed so that the kids can climb up and down without any assistance. The ladder is crucial for the l shaped bunk bed, especially at night time when your child needs to use the bathroom. Also, make sure that the ladder can be foldable, or you can easily remove it if it is not needed, especially when you have a little kid around. The ladder is not suggestible if you have toddlers at home as it can cause more danger if they try to climb the bed when you are not around.

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