For everybody who is interested in getting to know more about the project and the community, Kuyasa CDM is offering guided tours through Kuyasa.


Kuyasa is offering tours for individuals, school classes, conferences and workshop groups. Our guides have been working with tourists for a couple of years and have a great sense of the interests and needs of people coming as visitors to a low-income settlement. Our guides live in the area with their families and are extremely knowledgeable about the community and project. They also have a lot to share about South African and Xhosa culture.


Come and see how Carbon Finance is making a real difference to people's lives, alleviating poverty and addressing pro-poor development.


Grabeth Nduna is an internationally recognised Tour Guide who has over 3 years of working experience in the tourism industry. Grabeth is a professionally trained and certified South African tour guide, who has previously been working at Lingra Tours for guided tours on Table Mountain. He is now with Kuyasa CDM and employed as Assistant Site Manager.


Zuko Ndamane has been involved in the Kuyasa CDM project right from the beginning. Since 2000 he has been advising and working for the project developer and guiding curious people through the project. If there is one person who really knows everything about the project, it is Zuko. He is employed as Site Manager by Kuyasa CDM.


Our standard tour includes the screening of a 6 minute video about climate change and the projects contribution to addressing this. Visitors then move from the site office by foot on a 30 minute walk through the community. Visitors will see the technology and material used in the project and be able to watch work currently in progress on some of the homes. Visitors will be able to speak to residents of houses with completed installations, about the impact on their lives and experience Kuyasa with all its faces. After the tour there will be time allocated for questions and discussions, where cool drinks and snacks will be provided.


Standard Tour Duration: 45min - 2hour
Content: Introduction of project | Visit of houses and contact with residents | Round of questions and drinks at Kuyasa CDM Office
Cost: Adults R150 | Children/Learner R30 | Students/Pensioners R100

Discount tours are available for large groups.

Customised tours

We can easily adjust time and content of the tour to the time schedule and the background of the participants.

This Edu-tourism business is part of Kuyasa CDM's sustainable exit strategy for staff employed from Kuyasa. Ten percent of the revenue is earmarked for the upkeep and maintenance of the project assets. The balance, after costs is dedicated to the future income of the guides.

Kuyasa CDM is also establishing ceiling & SWH installation businesses to create long term income for other employees.

Be prepared to bring…

Summer: sun cream, sun hat, water
Winter: rain jacket, warm clothing
At all times: comfortable shoes


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